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Oracle VM Managerでサーバープールを作る時にOracle VM Serverを指定したらエラーが発生しました。


OS:Oracle VM Server 2.2


During creating server pool (Home_Pool), cluster setup failed: (OVM-1011 OVM Manager communication with for operation HA Setup for Oracle VM Agent 2.2.0 failed: errcode=00000, errmsg=Unexpected error: > )



ここの8.2 Preparing a Storage Repositoryを参照
The host name in the /etc/hosts file is associated with the public IP address, and not with To make sure the hostname is correctly set in the /etc/hosts file, ping the host name of all Oracle VM Servers in the server pool to display their public IP addresses.

You have all the Oracle VM Server entries in your DNS server. If you do not use DNS, make sure the correct setting is in the /etc/hosts file for all the Oracle VM Servers in the server pool. If you plan to use DNS for all Oracle VM Servers, but DNS was not specified during the Oracle VM Server installation, update the /etc/resolv.conf file and add your domain name to it.

All the Oracle VM Servers in the server pool must use consistent name resolution, either using a DNS server, or using the /etc/hosts file. You should not have mixed name services for the Oracle VM Servers a server pool. For example, some Oracle VM Servers use DNS, while others use the /etc/hosts file to resolve host names.

[root@vms]grep vms /etc/hosts vms vmsとなっているのでviなどのエディタで192.168.0.201 vmsにする。
[root@vms]grep vms /etc/hosts vms